Module based conveyor belt dryer

DryingMate has, as something completely new, developed and supplied 2 modulebased conveyor belt dryers for modified plant proteins.

What is unique about our drying plant and what can it be used for?

Our modular and zone divided drying system is a very simple belt dryer, but unique in terms of hygienic design, ease of cleaning and application possibilities. All materials that come into contact with the product are so-called Food Contact Materials (FKM), which makes it particularly suitable for drying, foods and similar products that require maximum hygienic standards.

The dryer can, in principle, be used for drying and heat treatment of all products that may be on the belt. However, no liquid products and products that can develop and emit flamable gases are allowed on in the dryer.
The dryer is designed specifically for extruded and modified plant proteins, which require only little drying. The drying capacity of a standard module is approx. 20 kg of water evaporation per hour, but with the possibility of adding more capacity if needed. If you need additional capacity in the standard edition, you can connect several drying modules in series with each other and possibly connect a cooling module in the end. Each dryer chamber is equipped with 1 inspection window and 4 doors, allowing you to see the product all the way through the dryer and easily clean the entire dryer including the air circulation chambers. The effective width of the belt is 1.5 m and the side guides on the belt allow a layer thickness of 200 mm.
Below is a plant with two drying modules at the far end and a cooling module at the end.

How does it work?


To ensure sufficient drying capacity of the drying air, fresh air is continuously supplied from outside, and correspondingly, humid air is extracted from each module. There is a possibility of heat recovery between these two air streams. Both the recirculating air and the fresh air and exhaust air are continuously filtered to eliminate the risk of dust accumulation.

Distribution and stirring of the product.

In order to ensure a uniform layer thickness, a so-called picker is installed in the inlet product box, and it is possible to select an extra picker to gently stir the product in each module.

Operation and programs.

You can store all the settings you want, so you can quickly recreate some settings that fit a specific product.

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