Mini conveyor belt dryer

What is unique about our mini conveyor belt dryer, and what is it designed for?

Our small conveyor belt dryer is unique in terms of hygienic design, “easy to cleane” and the great variety of applications it can be used for. All materials directly in contact with the product, are so-called Food Contact Materials (FCM), which means that the dryer is particularly suitable for drying, of foods and semilar products, which require maximum hygienic standard. Overall the dryer can be used for drying and heat treatment of all products, which can be contained by the belt. However, not liquid products, and products that can exhaust flammable gases. The dryers dimensions are H x W x L = 1,8 x 0,8 x 2,3 m.

The dryer is designed specifically for testdrying and smaller productions, wherefore the capacity is limited to 4 kg water evaporation per hour.

The entire front of the dryer can be opened. In this mode the conveyer belt can easily be lifted out for possible service and the entire drying chamber can be cleaned easily. Below is a picture of the dryer with the front door open.

How does it work?

The dryer is a convective belt dryer. The convective drying is carried out by recirculating warm and dry air through the belt, and the product lying on the belt to be dried. The belt is woven from Teflon coated glass fiber strands, which can be ordered with mesh sizes of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm. This is illustrated in the drawing below.

As the drying capacity is so small, fresh air is not supplied separately. By adjusting the exhaust air damper and the recirculation damper, you can adjust the air exchange to the desired level. Fresh air is sucked in together with the product.


The dryer can be supplied with a specially designed shredder, whereby products that tend to clump together and perhaps stick can be evenly distributed on the belt. See the pictures below.

Operation and programs.

The dryer can either be delivered with a very simple control without plc and touch screen, or with a more advanced control containing plc and touch screen.

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