Fluidbed laboratory dryer

The dryer is designed for educational purposes at the Academy of Business in Aarhus, and is also suitable for mini-scale product development tests. The dryer can both dry with hot air up to 200 degrees and furthermore with superheated steam at atmospheric pressure. The dryer also has a coating function, so that you can both dry and subsequently coate the test product. Below is a picture of the drying chamber. The product is placed in a product holder, which is a tube with the following dimensions 80 x 100 mm with a funnel that catches the products blown out of the pipe.

The product holder hangs in a load cell so you can follow the weight of the product during the drying process. When registering the weight, the airflow is turned off so that the weight is not disturbed by the air’s dynamic pressure. Below the product holder is a spray nozzle used for coating.

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